Jack Jania
SVP Strategic Alliances

Jack Jania is the SVP Strategic Alliances for the financial services group of Gemalto North America. He consults with and advises the financial industry on the best business strategies to employ mobile, smart card payments and data security solutions. In addition to supporting Gemalto’s business and security objectives, Mr. Jania is committed to consumer education and advocacy through Gemalto’s online resource www.JustAskGemalto.com, which provides answers to consumer questions about how to better enjoy the conveniences of the digital world. Previously, Mr. Jania worked in the mobile communication division, and was involved in the launch of smart cards supporting 3G wireless networks and NFC smart card technology. Mr. Jania has extensive component engineering, high speed microprocessor functional test and computer system level architecture design experience. Additionally he is the elected co-chairman of the Smart Card Alliance payments council.